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CMS produces powerful, differentiating media for Radio, TV/Video and the Internet.

For clients like you, CMS leverages more than 25 years of network radio and television experience to better deliver your carefully crafted message to your specific targeted audiences. Our clever ideas, combined with creative production, powerful program concepts and innovative media buying experience make your communications stand out in today's cluttered media environment.

With 25 years of experience, we've produced thousands of commercials and short-form features and thousands of hours of long-form programs for distribution to music and talk formats.

To listen to some samples please go to the "Demo Zone"

Radio Shows
Here are two recent success stories of CMS long form shows. Faith Matters is a new weekly multi-faith talk show hosted by Maureen Fiedler, a Roman Catholic nun. It's a live--and lively--call in show that offers different perspectives on current issues. It's presently broadcast in a number of cities and enjoys a growing internet audience. Hear a sample of Faith Matters in the Demo Zone.

Street Soldiers is a weekly call-in show hosted by Dr. Joe Marshall and Margaret Norris of San Francisco's Omega Boys Club. With more than 40 stations airing Street Soldiers, it's a vital link that helps protect at-risk youth from drugs, guns and gangs.

Radio Spots
We create amusing spots for clients like Trend Micro--Trend used a dialogue radio spot to alert MIS managers to its array of Y2K solutions.

We use the direct, informative approach to generate leads for the Referral Source, an innovative firm that recently launched in Kansas City.

One of our specialties is the one-minute sponsored feature, the centerpiece of our Sustained Identity Marketing programs. We match up your brand positioning with the content that will be most compelling to your target audience.

We've created and produced a wide range of video content, from half-hour political TV specials to infomercials and TV spots. Our nonbroadcast work includes Video News Releases (most recently for, and dozens of video programs for corporate sales and training.

At CMS, we offer a higher level of service than most media buying services and ad agencies. Our new vision of message delivery threads together an array of new media and innovative use of Radio, TV and cable.

We negotiate the most efficient rates by working closely with rep firms like Interep and utilizing our inside knowledge of the business.

We look for more than just rates and ratings--we leverage the buy to deliver added value from the media--promotions, sponsorships and bonus inventory.

We don't stop when the order is accepted. We aggressively monitor the execution of the schedule to ensure it is flawless.

We've found that cable TV is extremely efficient and incredibly target-able, both geographically and in pinpointing specific types of consumers.

Collins Media Services has created and implemented some exciting marketing plans for tech and dot-com clients. We like to get involved at the development stage, and work with our clients to develop the branding and sales tools that are most cost-effective for the application.

We partner with Interep, the largest radio sales rep firm, to help dot-com advertisers utilize radio. Interep has just developed the Dot-com Radio Index, a weekly guide to the best available prices on radio inventory nationwide. This allows us to steer our clients to the markets where we can get the lowest price/highest yield, and adjust the media plans on a weekly basis to take advantage of market fluctuations.

For highlights of recent research report compiled by Interep, including cases studies of Dot-Com successes using radio, click on... 

Because of the huge increase in advertising by web brands, it is a growing challenge to create identities and messages that stand out amid the clutter of Dot-Com advertisers. Using our Sustained Identity Marketing strategies, we've created new features that reach our target audience with compelling content that sets our clients apart from the hard-sell approach of others.

We've just completed a development deal with, the leading publisher of news about venture capital. Listen to the VentureWire Minute in the Demo Zone.


A corporate presence on the Internet is now a necessity. For consumers in this day and age it is hard to have faith in a company that is not constantly reinventing itself on the World Wide Web. Not participating in this medium is equivalent to hiding ones head in the sand.


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Banner Design
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We offer complete in-house web design services from the concept and development stage through training of your staff when the site goes online.

Use Web Commerce to dramatically affect your business by selling products and services, reaching new customers, and to create more convenient ways to conduct business with suppliers, investors, or trading partners, thus earning more revenue.

You may have the best Web Site money can buy. You have spent countless weeks, not to mention dollars developing the site. But if the consumer does not know you exist, your site might as well not even be online. We can develop a winning formula to make your investment work for you.

If you currently have a web site that isn't working we can completely evaluate your company and your site.

Offer a formula that will increase your visibility
Expand your market
Improve your service
Lower your communication costs
Establish online transactions
Distribute information globally

Remember, your web site shouldn't be something people read, it's something they do!

Wins of Change is our affiliated political media firm, specializing in
innovative ways to present and deliver compelling political messages. We've worked with local, state and federal campaigns, and our spots have been delivered via hundreds of radio, TV and cable outlets all over the country. Wins of Change has developed a proprietary cable media strategy that permits campaigns to zero in on the cable households most likely to deliver the voters our clients need to win.

For the U.S. Senate race in California in 2000, we created a series of live statewide radio broadcasts, hosted by the candidate. This precedent-setting "network" used 45 radio stations and reached every market in the sprawling Golden State. We also used cable TV buys to stretch a limited budget and target specific messages to different localities.



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